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Written By ASEP KUMIS on Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011 | 7/02/2011 03:29:00 AM

Christmas unWrapped- The History of Christmas
People all over the world celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th. But why is the Nativity marked by gift giving, and was He really born on that day? And just where did the Christmas tree come from? Take an enchanting tour through the history of this beloved holiday and trace the origins of its enduring traditions. Journey back to the earliest celebrations when the infant religion embraced pagan solstice festivals like the Roman Saturnalia and turned them into a commemoration of Jesus' birth. Learn how Prince Albert introduced the Christmas tree to the English-speaking world in 1841, and discover how British settlers in the New World transformed the patron saint of children into jolly old St. Nick.

This documentary explores the origin of Christmas and how it came to be the way we know it today. The documentary also incites the thought as to how Christmas is on one hand a result of social, cultural, and political influences (hence somewhat obscuring the apparent purpose of the festival: Christ's Mass), and on the other hand a influence over people's lives (particularly consumerism).
Part [1/5] : http://youtube.com/watch?v=A5T5ibb2E9I
Christmas Tree and its History
Ever wonder why millions of people each year drag a tree into their rooms and decorate it?
Who invented Christmas ?
Christmas has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas Bible Jesus Christ Christianity Church Holiday Roman Saturn Saturnalia Rome Pagan Equinox Winter Solstice Druid Celtic English Xmas Tree Lebanon Maronite Trinity Sun Worship Mithra Sole Wicca Witch Germany Yule Log Santa Easter Origin Mothers Fathers Day Valentines New Year Celebration Celebrate Birthday Islam Quran Muslims Sheikh Feiz Muhammad Lecture
True Origin Of The Christian Myth: Paganism
A vid I made to show the true origins of many of the key beliefs in the myth of Christianity, which most people seem to be unaware of. It is somewhat ironic that a religion fundamentally opposed to paganism in fact derives most of its key beliefs from pagan ideology... these are just a few. If you like it then I'm glad; if you're offended by it then I'm delighted.

Stupidity will not be tolerated. People may disagree with the content, but anybody posting comments without SOURCES to back up arguments, particularly regarding the existence of Jesus, will have their comments deleted. The Bible is not historical evidence.

PS - UK residents may be familiar with the BBC Stephen Fry show 'QI'. The Christmas special backs up all the points made in the video, and points out even MORE similarities between the two. This video wasn't made using this, but I recently came across it and thought people in the UK (who know the reputation of Stephen Fry) would perhaps enjoy it.
I suggest everyone watches this

Siapakah wanita diatas??
2) EASTER/HARI PASKAH > Hari Paskah adalah peringatan kebangkitan Yesus. Masa Paskah dimulai dari Pekan Suci sampai Pentakosta. Dalam Pekan Suci umat Kristen, terutama Kristen Katolik, memperingati kematian dan kebangkitan Yesus dari kubur. Sedangkan Telur Paskah berasal dari tradisi kesuburan kaum Indo-Eropa dimana telur merupakan simbol musim semi. Di masa silam, di Persia, orang biasa saling menghadiahkan telur pada saat perayaan musim semi, yang bagi mereka juga menandakan dimulainya tahun yang baru. Dewa musim Semi, yang bernama "Eostre" adalah dewa yang disembah pada perayaan "vernal equinox". Nama dewa ini juga yang akhirnya dipakai untuk menyebut hari Paskah, "Easter" (bahasa Inggris).
Pada abad-abad pertama kekristenan, tradisi ini sulit dihapus karena hari Paskah memang kebetulan jatuh pada setiap awal musim Semi. Perayaan musim Semi selalu dirayakan dengan meriah mengiringi kegembiraan meninggalkan musim dingin. Tumbuh-tumbuhan dan bunga mulai tumbuh dan bermekaran, dan suasana keceriaan seperti ini menjadi saat yang tepat untuk membagi-bagikan hadiah. Baca di http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telur_Paskah
The Pagan Origins of... Easter
what are the true origins of Easter?
Easter is Pagan!
On Easter, billions celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But how many really know what they are doing? Many do not realize that the first Christians did not celebrate Easter—and that Scripture offers a biblical alternative, instituted by God Himself. A presentation of the truth by Dr. Roderick C. Meredith and the Living Church of God. As seen throughout the entire world on Tomorrow's World Program
Part 1 of 3 : http://youtube.com/watch?v=xHYcSmx7gy4

3) ASCENSION > yesus naik ke surga

Doa Syahadat Nicea atau Pengakuan Iman Nicea-Konstantinopel, merupakan hasil dari Konsili Agung ketua-ketua gereja yang berlangsung di Nicea pada tahun 325. Dalam persidangan ini hal utama yang didiskusikan adalah ajaran seorang pemimpin gereja dari Alexandria, Mesir, bernama Arius. Arius mengajarkan bahwa Yesus bukanlah Allah, tetapi adalah makhluk-Nya. Menurutnya, Yesus adalah nabi Tuhan yang penting tetapi juga manusia seperti yang lain. (Lihat:Arianisme). Persidangan Nicea ini menolak ajaran Arius dan menganggapnya menyeleweng dari ajaran Kristen yang benar. Para pemimpin gereja yang hadir dalam persidangan tersebut menegaskan kebenaran kitab suci Alkitab bahwa Yesus adalah Allah Anak, sehakikat dengan Allah Bapa. (Lihat:Tritunggal). Persidangan tersebut meringkaskan kepercayaan mereka dalam Doa Syahadat Nicea. baca di http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doa_Syahadat_Nicea
Was Jesus made the Son of God by a vote?
In 'The Da Vinci Code' Dan Brown claims that Je... (more) Added: September 04, 2007 In 'The Da Vinci Code' Dan Brown claims that Jesus was made divine by a vote at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. This was at the insistence of the Roman Emperor Constantine. Is this what really happened?
What was the Council of Nicaea all about?
In The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown claims that Jesus was made divine by a vote at the Council of Nicaea, in 325 AD. This was at the insistence of the Roman Emperor Constantine. What was the Council of Nicaea really about?
When Jesus Became God
The pagan emperor Constantine calls the Council of Nicea in order to determine, among other things, if Jesus is God, Man or some combination thereof.


or THE SUN GOD and Another PAGAN
Was Jesus a Sun-God???
Part 1 of 3 : http://youtube.com/watch?v=KjKdnlQMOcY
Sun of God?
Thanks to Acharya S for the use of her material. Acharya S is a scholar classically educated in archaeology, history, mythology and languages. Acharya specializes in religion and mythology, critiquing and comparing them, and providing unique insights into their origins. Although born into a Christian (Congregationalist Protestant) family, Acharya does not subscribe to any particular religion, nor is she a hardcore "atheist." Acharya is the author of the controversial books The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold and Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled. She is also the author of the number 1 ranked article on the net on the ""Origins of Christianity." Among other less flattering things, Acharya S has been called "the ranking religious philosopher of our era" and "the voice of reason amidst global chaos." Her web site contains a wealth of information about: religion spirituality mythology archaeology history... http://www.TruthBeKnown.com
It is sometimes forgotten that the early Christians associated Jesus with the Sun. Among the church fathers, Cyprian speaks of Christ as Sol Verus, the "true sun," and Ambrose names him Sol Novus Noster, "our new sun". An interesting fact revealed in the old Roman calendars is that on the 25th of December each year they commemorated the new birth of Sol Invictus, the "unconquered sun." These early Christians used many hymns addressed to the Christ-Sun or to the Christos-Spirit, or to the Logos or Word. These terms were taken from the ancient Greek Mysteries; and the composition of these hymns, and the words could easily be construed as hymns to the sun. Which indeed was exactly what they were
Myth of Religion; The Solar Messiahs God's Sun Christ Horus
Christianity was born of the myths of sun worship. Horus of Egypt born December 25th, performed miracles called the Lamb of light, performed miracles was resurrected in three days like many other avatars; Mithra, Krishna, Attis, Dionysus, king of kings, alpha omega crucified. All had 12 disciples and the sacred day of worship was sunday. Scientific explanations... The Solar Messiah. from http://zeitgeistmovie.com/
Christian Myth Jesus pagan solar deity god's sun Zeitgeist
Egyptian Religions is 95% of the foundational basis of the Judeo Christian religion; baptism, circumcision, afterlife, final judgment,virgin birth, ark of the covenant, easter, passover, holy communion, great flood, death and resurrection, crucifixion, great flood and easter. Justin Martyr spoke of Perseus pagan religions. Devils crafted and created his characteristics in the pagan world. wrong blasphemous and sinful to argue against the religious myth of jesus as god and not the representation of the solar deity the Sun of God as presented in the pagan religious beliefs that the Christian Religion has taken its beliefs from. http://zeitgeistmovie.com
Jesus was a Roman creation of the Persian Mithra
This is a video showing that Jesus's story was a Replica of an older religion called Mithraism. Most ideas like "the virgin mother" and "baptism" were taken from this religion. You can research it for yourself, just google Mithraism. There are many Christian articles on this that try to disprove it, but, they are very weak arguments. To get you started you can go to this site... http://www.iranchamber.com/religions/...

Why is the story of Jesus and Mithra exactly the same? (exsept one is in a cave, and one is in a manger). Why are most ideas of Christianity and Mithraism the same?

This video is not meant to "attack" Christianity, it is meant to attack ALL religions. Maybe I will make a video attacking Islam, but I dont want another worldwide riot.

By the way, I dont even use any "fake" da vinci code arguments. Also, I am just giving the facts, you can decide for yourself if this religion is justified, even tho there is an older religion with the same ideas but from a diffrent land
Pagan Origins of Catholicism
This would actually be even funnier, if it wasn't so sad. Listen, my dear Catholic friends.
it doesn't matter what excuse (Peter supposedly being hung upside down) they give you for having upside down crosses at the Vatican...it is demonic. in fact, the cross itself is the pagan symbol of the sun god tammuz. it doesn't matter what they say is the reason for "fish hats"...they are completely pagan. yes, if you don't know any better then...whatever. but once you do...God's gonna ask you about it.
Serving God in Truth is way simpler than all this pagan-origin nonsense.
however, God does love sincere Catholics. plus, it's not like they're the only ones with pagan origins. perhaps together we can figure out what lies we've been told, and help each other serve God in Truth. peace to everyone.

Perayaan Natal 25 Desember

20 reasons why Jesus is not a God http://youtube.com/watch?v=KpBEPq7Vjug
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